Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C

Post by bschrag » Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:33 pm

I have a new client that didn't tell me she had Hep C until I was half-way done. What are your thoughts, protocols, procedures on clients with Hep C?

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Re: Hepatitis C

Post by pueppi » Wed Oct 29, 2014 5:56 pm

The WHO on HepC: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs164/en/

As with any client, I spend a *lot* of time with them during the intake (upwards of 30 minutes in complicated cases). I don't recall ever having had a client state mid-way through a session that they forgot to mention something significant.

I would think very seriously before letting the client back into my practice, if they told me they *forgot* something like this. I don't know how anyone could forget.

I've had a client cause me to catch some kind of crud in the past. I was out for a week because of it. Although your situation is not the same, the principle remains.

All my clients are told upfront that if they are sick or contagious they need to let me know. If they come down with a cold before a session, I expect them to cancel. We have a good working order of my expectations for them in the practice. This is no different. Lay down your expectations, be selective in who you treat and for the most part you will begin to train (for lack of a better word) your clients to act accordingly and refer people who also do the same.

I also have informed my clients over the years of my policies in such a way that I do actually have clients who will tell me that they won't refer certain friends, because they can't be trusted to be forthcoming. So, it may just be that you have to put your foot down a little, starting at this juncture.

I'd certainly use it as spring-board to let clients know what your expectations are: "Recently I had a client who was diagnosed with an illness and forgot to let me know until his/her appointment (they don't have to know it was midway through the session). I had to turn the client away, and this created a situation where I was unable to fit another client in with such short notice, who really needed my care. Please remember to always let me know during your consultation and intake if you have any illnesses or are taking any medications,"....... and so forth. You can add or change what it is that you want to say. Definitely use it as a teaching tool in some format.
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