serenity's ? on governing reflexologists or "practitio

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serenity's ? on governing reflexologists or "practitio

Post by AnnaOhio24 » Sat May 31, 2008 8:07 am

in the state of ohio, just as many other states there is no governing body for reflexologists. i took the initiative and trained for and passed my credentialling exam, i want to know some opinions on how you all feel about this situation: a C.R. works in a facility where there are 6 other bodyworkers 2 of which "PRACTICE" reflex, now when a customer calls in for a reflex appointment, who in your opinion should be booked? the C.R. or one of the other 2? kinda curious and kinda frustrated!!!!!!

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Post by Dragonflies » Sat May 31, 2008 8:46 am

First of all, welcome to BWO! We're happy to have newcomers and I'm especially happy to see those interested in the Reflexology sections. Now on to the topic at hand...

I don't think I am completely following your question here - are you concerned about the ethics of who should be administering the sessions? Is there an education difference amongst the bodyworkers in question? Is there a struggle with management about customer education over the phone? Or is this in fact a legislation question about the governance of Reflexologists in Ohio?

If you can provide us with some more details it would be helpful to know which direction this topic is going.
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Post by Rose of Sharon » Sat May 31, 2008 11:37 am

Since it isn't regulated there, I don't think there is an "ethical" obligation on the part of the facility to send all reflexology requests to the CR. It would be sensible....except if the others have been practicing reflexology there for some time and you are new.

Anyone can practice massage here, as long as they do not call themselves MT's or bodyworkers. If I were to join a practice as the only trained practitioner, I could not insist that my schedule be filled before those with seniority got work. Seniority goes a very long way - and it should. It's perfectly legal to do the work.

Your training, on the other hand, is a great selling point. I would expect that those who have sessions with you will notice that training and see effectiveness, and then request you for further sessions. You will build a client base.

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