Some Legal queries. Pls help...

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Some Legal queries. Pls help...

Post by » Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:33 pm

I just registered myself in this forum as I am looking for an answer which I am having a lot of difficulty in finding. I am at a school in Ohio to get my LMT and become a massage therapist very soon. I have known the art of massage and have done some alternative ways of massage even before i started the school. I have been classically trained in a form of massage but i do not have a certificate in paper.I enrolled in school to get a LMT .
My school tells me that I cannot accept money by giving massages before i get LMT license . They say it is considered illegal to accept money by giving massages before i get my LMT license.
I have heard that , and i believe, that I cannot call myself massage therapist before i get my LMT. However as i have heard I can call myself bodyworker or something like that but cannot use the word 'therapist'. Is that true ?

I would love to have some imputs and would really appreciate some advices .

a)Can my school expel me for accepting money by offering massages at my own private setting ?
b) Can i call myself Massage Therapist before getting a LMT ?
c) Can i enroll for the MBLEX or NCTMB exam even if i have not passed from a massage school ?


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Re: Some Legal queries. Pls help...

Post by JasonE » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:24 pm

A. Yes, unless you get a specific exemption from the school policy. You need to discuss that with the school administrators before you see accept any compensation from people you work on. There are various reasons schools adopt this policy. From what I've seen, it is a common policy. The school administration can explain their reasons for it so that you will understand their position. It is NOT a capricious policy adopted only to inconvenience their students. They have some damn good reasons that you should be aware of. My answer to B should be enough reason, but ask them anyway.

B. Not in Ohio. To do so is illegal. "Ohio was the first state to license the practice of massage, and the first applicant was licensed in 1916. Ohio is unique in that it defines massage therapy as a "limited branch of the practice of medicine."" You do NOT want to be caught practicing medicine without a license... and that's what you'd be doing if you call yourself a massage therapist before you are licensed. Since you are in Ohio, you really should read through this entire site to understand the regulations pertaining to the field of massage therapy in Ohio:

C. No, and No. You can find the application requirements for MBLEX here: (also click the link to read through the application form). You can find the application requirements for the NCBTMB here: ... ation-exam

To legally practice massage in Ohio, you must meet the licensure requirements. Those are found here: ... Dec%20.pdf

If you are unwilling to follow the law and are caught/reported, you will face the consequences. Since many Ohio MTs have ethically followed the regulations of their profession in order to practice there, it seems likely that you can do the same. Right now, you probably know next to nothing about massage. You THINK you know some stuff, but I'm guessing that you really don't understand what you're getting into... and so I hope you use the links provided to really start learning what expectations are ahead of you if you want to join the ranks of legitimate, professional massage therapists in Ohio. There are no shortcuts. The rules are quite clear. Follow the rules, due the work, and learn as much as you can. Don't break the law, develop a strong sense of ethical best practices, and hold yourself to a high standard.

Oh, and if you are reported to the state massage board for accepting compensation for massage before you are licensed, you are screwed. They will blackball you from getting licensed in Ohio, and that will be that. If you move to another state with similar licensing, the issue might prevent you from getting licensed there, too.

I hope you take the high road and do great. The view is better from the top.
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Re: Some Legal queries. Pls help...

Post by pueppi » Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:37 pm

I just noticed JasonE also posted here and I thought I better mention that you've also got input on your other thread by the same name in the Student Section. Just in case you get here and forget you posted the same question elsewhere.
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