How, then, shall I take my supplements?

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How, then, shall I take my supplements?

Post by Timedess » Fri May 22, 2009 7:01 am

I just bought a huge bottle of these REALLY REALLY expensive prenatal vitamins. I am tired of... well, feeling so tired all the time. The gal in the store (a natural food store- not "Wal Mart") said I'd picked the best brand they carry. It is on sale through the rest of the year, so I'll be able to stock up for a bit over $20/month. (These are expensive compared to others I've tried- and discarded!). They're whole-food based, and I tolerate them well- a real plus!

Anyway, these vitamins contain "everything", including iron. Everything *except* calcium and magnesium. I am assuming this is because of the iron/calcium absorption conflict. That's ok- I have the calcium that hubby's taking: I'll take those. I've learned that it is NOT worth it to skimp on worthwhile supplements!

I'm supposed to take the prenatal vitamins 3x/ day, and the calcium also 3x/ day. I am thinking that it would NOT be in my best interest to just take them at the same time (otherwise they'd have just finished putting the calcium right in there).

For ease of tolerating both, and also to help me remember to TAKE them all, I'd still like to take them around mealtimes.

I was thinking of taking the calcium before and the iron/vitamins after eating? Or the other way around? Or.... ?????

Please help me figure this out! I want to do well for me and my baby, and I hate this conflict of timing/conflict with my tummy not wanting to tolerate anything without food in it!

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