Mu-Xing Therapy Atelier. NOV 3, 4. Bamboo & Rosewood healing

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Mu-Xing Therapy Atelier. NOV 3, 4. Bamboo & Rosewood healing

Post by MontrealMT » Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:29 am

2-day workshop - 14 hours - 260$ - November 3 & 4, 2012. Final date to reserve seating with deposit : October 19.

Montreal MT (MMT) welcomes Advanced Education Systems (AES) and their branded Mu-Xing Therapy series, designed to enhance the clients’ session while saving the therapists’ hands.

Nationally approved RMTs in the US offer enhanced enrichment for Professional Massage Therapists and Body-workers. MMT is proud to make possible their first appearance in the Montreal healing scene.

Mu-Xing Therapy, a unique wood based treatment, utilizes rosewood and bamboo tools to deliver a full body, deep tissue massage. With individually carved tools, the therapist applies massage strokes that address ischemic tissue and promote deeper relaxation.

The healing Mu-Xing modality uses Swedish massage as its base with influences from energy balancing Asian philosophies essential to harmony and health. Rosewood, the yin force, heals through its darker, cooler, passive feminine yin energy; Bamboo, the yang force, through its brighter, heated, active masculine yang energy.

Mu-Xing Therapy tools are 100% natural, with no varnishes or finishes. Rosewood is individually hand-carved. Raw Bamboo form allows for greater palpation of the tissues and muscles.

Montreal MT is honored to work with AES as a Canadian representative for the Mu-Xing Therapy series, making it available to massage therapists in the Quebec region.

For more details, serious inquiries please email sarah or char for curriculum. [email protected]. Please write ATELIER MU-XING THERAPY in the subject field.

MMT is tickled to share this exciting Asian and Western modality with Montreal.
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Re: Mu-Xing Therapy Atelier. NOV 3, 4. Bamboo & Rosewood hea

Post by cabwy » Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:30 pm

FYI- I took this course from these very same instructors last fall. It was a 2 day course and was a very good class.
I felt like it gave me some additional tools that I can utilize to help save my hands.
My associate and I use them on at least 90 % of our clients, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes.. then on others a larger percentage of the time is spent using the bamboo.
They are expecially great for deep tissue work on the legs, there's also a great tool for working down the back and I especially love using it for some easy MFR work around the sacrum. The smaller tools fit nicely in your hands for detail work too.

They are beautiful tools, easy to clean and disinfect and even with daily use still look and feel like new.
I like that I feel a better control over the heat and don't find myself worrying about burning a client.
My biggest concern is making sure I wipe them down thoroughly so they are sanitary for the next client. Oh, and remembering to check for any rough spots that needs smoothed down with a nail file. So far that hasn't been necessary, but they teach us to watch for that.

I hope this helps anybody who is considering this class!!

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