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Post by Mattie86 » Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:30 pm

i took my MBLEX and i failed :( on the form they gave me after the test on the bottom there is a DIAGNOSTIC REPORT that tells you in what subject you had a low or good performance, CAN ANYONE tell me what FAIR means, like for them does it mean u passed that area of the test????? or you almost had a GOOD performance??? can someone help me with that THANK YOU :undecided:

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Post by pueppi » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:09 am

Hi Mattie86,

I hope that you aren't getting too down about your difficulties with the MBLEX.

I think I would just call them if you are wondering. You're more likely to get a quick answer. Also, please come back and post any info they give you, so you can help others! :)

Here is their contact info:

FSMTB Executive Office
10801 Mastin Boulevard, Suite 420, Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: 913.681.0380
Fax: 913.681.0391
Email: [email protected]

Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam Office
150 4th Avenue North, Suite 800, Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: 866.962.3926
Email: [email protected]


Also, this doesn't answer this new question of yours, but it may be a little useful (I put it on another thread of yours a while back):
pueppi wrote:I don't know anything about the MBLEx, but in the Handbook for the exam (https://fsmtb.org/userfiles/PDFs/candidateHandbook.pdf) , on page 25, there is some discussion about the "Examination Scores".

I got it by searching the MBLEx on google and that took me to the FSMTB website - https://www.fsmtb.org/

Examination results are reported as PASS (with a numerical scaled score) or FAIL (with a numerical scaled score) to indicate whether or not a candidate has demonstrated the knowledge required to meet standards of competence as defined by the profession.

Candidates will receive their official Score Report at the test center, upon completing the examination.


The total scaled score you achieved on the examination determines whether you pass or fail. The scale ranges from 300 to 900 (the lowest score anyone can get is 300 and the highest score anyone can get is 900) and a scaled score of 630 is set as the passing score on the MBLEx. Passing scores are determined through the modified Angoff process, a statistical procedure for establishing the minimum pass level using the judgment of experts. Through this process, the raw score required to pass is established. This raw score is then set to equal a scaled score of 630. A scaled score is not a percentage score.


The passing score on the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination is determined by Subject Matter Experts under the direction of the experts in testing and psychometrics. The criteria define the minimum acceptable level of competence required for the safe and effective practice of Massage & Bodywork. The passing score is determined by a criterion-referenced method, which is commonly used in licensing examinations. A criterion-referenced passing score applies minimum standards for competent practice to all candidates.

Criterion-referenced standard setting begins with the establishment of a minimum acceptable level of competence for safe practice that candidates must possess in order to pass the examination. The standard setting is a group process. The group is comprised of licensed practitioners representing various aspects of the practice, geographic areas, and levels of expertise. To ensure that the description of the profession represents the job tasks of practitioners entering the profession, input from entry-level practitioners is always included.

Criterion-referenced scoring provides safeguards to both the candidate and the consumer.


You will receive a numerical scaled score total as well as diagnostic information indicating your performance in each content area. The scores reported on the diagnostic summary are provided to guide your future professional development.


In the event that you fail the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination, you will be given your numerical scaled score total, as well as diagnostic information indicating your performance in each content area. The scores reported on the diagnostic summary are provided to assist your future study efforts.

You have an unlimited window of time within which to pass the MBLEx using a Retake Application if you fail the examination.
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