Newbie question!

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Newbie question!

Post by weejaney » Wed Feb 04, 2015 4:07 am

Hi there
I have been lurking on here for a few months now, taking advantage of the massive wealth of knowledge you guys have on this amazing forum, and decided it was probably time to check in and say hi.......oh, and ask a newbie question! lol Apologies if this has already been asked loads and I have just overlooked it, and also apologies as this is a really basic question and stems more from my lack of confidence than anything else!
I have recently qualified in Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage and I'm looking to start up my own mobile massage business (and add on a load more modalities in the future, based on the amazing techniques talked about in this forum!). I have been lucky enough to get some taster sessions booked over the next few months where I work, and the spaces are filling up rapidly, which is amazing - and scary at the same time! One lady has booked in for a relaxing foot massage (nice and straightforward) but hinted in her email that she would be keen to get some more treatments as she had a car accident and sustained fractures in her back, shoulders, pelvis and neck, and she finds massage is really beneficial to help her relax.
From my training contraindications and from further reading, I know I can massage over fractures and breaks, as long as they are fully healed - and i think this would be a really great opportunity to offer some therapeutic help to someone who clearly feels the benefit from massage - although I will specify I am only doing Swedish at the moment, to remain within my knowledge base!
I was just wondering if there is anything else I should consider with this lovely lady to keep us both safe or if anyone can offer some further advice? I am planning on ensuring I get a lot of feedback from her during any treatment, to make sure I am using pressure within her comfort zone and not causing her pain = I wasn't planning on seeking permission from her doctor, as these are healed fractures and so a relaxing massage should be okay. I think this is more of a confidence thing for me than anything else as i'm just starting out, but I dont want to make a mistake here before I even get my career plans off the ground! any help here would be so appreciated xxx

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Re: Newbie question!

Post by pueppi » Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:30 pm

So sorry it took so long for anyone to offer you some feedback.

First let me say: "Welcome to the forums!"

Old fractures are usually not an issue, but it does sound like she went though a doozie. My best piece of advice is to take a lot of time with the intake. Write everything down while you are talking to her. It will allow you to think about what you are asking and listen more. Get a good feel for how she feels... what makes her better and what makes her worse. Ask about limitations, any implants/hardware. Ask about when the accident was and how long it took her to heal. Work with her judiciously for the first few sessions and see how she does with each one. You can dive into deeper issues once you see how she progresses.

You've passed your exams, so you are qualified. Just take it slow and steady. :)
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Re: Newbie question!

Post by MarionFM » Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:48 pm

Welcome to BWOL!

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Re: Newbie question!

Post by weejaney » Fri Feb 27, 2015 12:40 am

thanks so much for your input and welcome guys! It's such an amazing forum on here for information and support!

Good to know I'm sort of on the right track with this one - I have set aside some additional time in the session before I meet this lady in a couple of weeks, so I will try to really get some more information from her and try to get a clearer picture of the details of her accident - and then, like you say, take it slow and see how we go together......

thanks again guys - am sure all will be fine, it's just those first few sessions out in the real world and it's so typical that one of my first clients has some complex issues! I suppose I should be grateful to be getting thrown in at the deep end :D

have a fab weekend when it comes

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