Nature Sound CD's / mp3's

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Nature Sound CD's / mp3's

Post by pueppi » Tue May 21, 2013 11:54 am

We've had a few threads that talk about nature sounds. Some people love 'em... some people hate 'em. Some people never use water sounds in a session, while others have waves and such for most of their sessions.

Here's something to get us started:
Blisss wrote:
BJB-LMP wrote:Funny side note - my clients love the nature sounds.... Rain, thunder, surf, forest, desert wind, and yes the dreaded bubbling creek and rushing river! Of course we had to weed out the ones that have loons or bullfrogs bogarting the microphone, and whales never entered the picture, but even the one of sea lions is in high demand. What is with my clients? I'm glad, though, because it's certainly what I like best myself.
Although I don't use nature sounds exclusively, I do have CD's with nature sounds blended, and these always receive compliments from my clients. One favorite is Native American Flute with nature sounds (including the occasional call of a loon or distant howling of wolves). It's beautiful: ... nce&n=5174

As for the whale songs, I LOVE whale song! I have the CD: "Reiki Whale", and it is very unusual. So, if I'm in the mood for that music, I tell my clients when they first arrive: "I have whale music in the CD player today. It's unusual music. Some clients love it, and some hate it. So, when you get on the table, listen closely and let me know your preference." Then, when I come into the treatment, I ask them if they'd like me to change the CD. I've played this CD for approximately 50 different clients. Only one asked me to remove it. However, many have said that once they realized it was whale song, they thought it was beautiful. But if they didn't know, they would have thought it was some kind of strange techno-sound. ... nce&n=5174

Now, Dolphins. I love the animals. Can't stand their singing on a CD. :lol:
For those of you who don't like to use a musical background for some clients you may like gentle natural "rain" sounds - but, of course, I am aware that for others, this is a real "no-no".

I've got a few clients who can't sleep and like the rain, so I set out to find a few CD's to help them at home. Here's what I came across and I'm sharing it here for others to have as a handy-dandy reference.

After spending a few hours listening to what Amazon has to offer in their mp3 store (I know most of you prefer mp3's to CD's), I have come up with what I think is going to be a useful list of tracks to consider. Most are an hour or more in length and cost 89¢ - 99¢ for the entire track.

I've listed all of them in the " 'Rain' Relaxation mp3's " section on a "Massage/Bodywork Related" site that I've created through Amazon (see link below), which should help you to access and compare them in a simple format.

Please feel free to add your input on nature sounds in this thread. Let's get talking! :)

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