Animal Bodywork DVD's on Netflix

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Animal Bodywork DVD's on Netflix

Post by pueppi » Sat May 03, 2014 7:27 am

I can't find a thread with a list of Bodywork for Animals DVD's on Netflix, in this forum, so I thought I would create one, as I ran across this title today in my account:
Bodywork for Dogs | 2000 | NR | 68 minutes

This inspiring video presents simple, yet powerful, techniques to improve your dog's health, enhance your relationship with your dog, and help you gain a greater intuitive, wholistic awareness of your dog's body and spirit - blended into an easy-to-follow, full-length bodywork session, benefiting dogs of all ages, temperaments and stages of health. These techniques include: Massage; Acupressure; Awareness; Nonverbal communication and more.

Cast: Lynn Vaughan
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