Appointment Reminder Software -- Feedback Needed!

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Appointment Reminder Software -- Feedback Needed!

Post by shaunc869 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:44 am

Hi! I am developing a new software product that basically automates the appointment reminder process for massage therapists. It all started when I was getting my hair cut at a salon and the owner mentioned she loses a lot of business when someone doesn't show up or shows up late for their appointment. I realized that if I could save most businesses just one appointment a month the service would pay for itself, not to mention I really enjoy getting appointment reminders myself so why not create a service that automates this process?

And PromptAppointment ( was born, so now I want to get some feedback from a great community I am hoping to serve. If you don't mind please take a look at the website, try the demo, and maybe even sign up (currently it's in beta so it's 100% free). The way it works is simple:

1. Sign Up and link your Google Calendar.
2. It will automatically add reminders for new appointments on that calendar.
3. You can see these on the calendar view and add/delete reminders manually as well.
4. The system sends an SMS message out to your client 24 hours before the appointment and asks them to confirm by texting back.
5. We update the system and alert you if they need to cancel or re-schedule the appointment as well.

We currently work with Google Calendar, but I would like to add both a manual mode as well as integrations with other calendars as well so please give me feedback there as well! I really appreciate the help with the feedback on my appointment reminder software!

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