Therapist texting availablility

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Therapist texting availablility

Postby oztherapist on Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:49 pm


When I go for a massage I don't tell the MT that I'm a therapist myself. I went to a new therapist about 6 weeks ago & knew after that treatment that I wouldn't rebook partly because the therapist didn't do any assessment or advise me of any treatment plan for my specific issue & because the environment wasn't conducive for relaxing (building works nearby & her office was next to a dog grooming salon which I wasn't aware of!!)
Anyway, her office has texted me twice so far stating her availability for appointments on certain days of that particular week & if I'd like to come in. So far I've just ignored them, but part of me wants to text back & say 'if you wanted me to rebook why didn't you address that when I was there' or 'blah blah this is why I'm not coming back so please take me off your contact list'. In all the massages I've had, I've never had anyone text trying to prompt me to come in for an appointment after the fact. If I ignore the texts do you think they will realise I'm not interested? What would you guys do in this situation?

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Re: Therapist texting availablility

Postby pueppi on Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:13 am

I noticed you mentioned that you *don't* tell an MT that you are a therapist and am not sure if you even want that part of your post addressed. But, if you are wondering how others approach that portion of the introduction... I *do* let the therapist know I am an MT when I talk about my issues and needs.

Perhaps this particular therapist is not comfortable re-booking clients face-to-face which is why they use the texting method. I don't text... and at this point in my life I still am not even sold on smart-phones, so you can call me an old-fogie. I actually have a "dumb" phone with texting turned off, so as not to get *any* texts. :P

I like to ask the client if they would like to re-schedule or call me when they need me (all in one sentence), in order to give them the option but not make them feel caged into something.

What would I do in this situation? I would contact the office and ask to be removed from their text contacting system if I didn't want to be contacted.

If you feel the need to tell them why you don't want to return, you could easily do that during your phone call. If you didn't want to be specific, you could always just mention that you won't be returning as the environment and therapist were not a fit for your needs.

I really don'tt think that if you ignore the texts they will realize you are not interested. You may have even been placed on an automated system.
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Re: Therapist texting availablility

Postby squash_blsm on Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:07 am

Most of us have an "opt-in" for email contact or newsletters.
I am assuming that this therapist had something like this on the intake form.
But - whether or not they did I think you should call or text to "opt-out".
You don't need to go into any reasons - it doesn't matter really.
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