New & Updated User Agreement

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New & Updated User Agreement

Postby Magickal Adminhelper on Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:41 am

Bodywork Online User Agreement (Forum Rules and Guidelines):
These are the terms of use you agree to as a member of the Bodywork Online.

Bodywork Online Statement of Purpose:

The Bodywork Online message board is an outstanding asset for massage and bodywork professionals. It is a place to discuss professional situations, business issues, ethical concerns, and so much more -- plus, it provides the opportunity to communicate with practitioners from around the world.

Subjects regularly covered on the board include massage techniques, education, business practices, bodywork marketing, client situations, massage research, and more.

Bodywork Online invites you to read and participate in our discussions in the Bodywork forums. When you participate in any way, you agree to respect the intergrity of this community, maintaining a respectful atmosphere for guests and members alike. By registering as a member with Bodywork Online, you agree to adhere to the User Agreement Rules and Guidelines.

Membership and Registration:
Bodywork Online is a free forum, and registration is not required to view posts; however, you will need to register before you can post messages and use forum features. Registered members may also add a link to their signature on the user profile page (signature icons/images are not allowed). Any participation on the board means you consent to the terms of this User Agreement.

Guidelines (Rules) of Membership:
1. Keep your posts free from adversarial, harassing, offensive, violent, prejudicial, or profane language ("disguised" or otherwise). We understand that not everyone will agree, and we welcome diverse thoughts, opinions, feelings, and experiences; however, those must be expressed with respect, not only to whom you are responding, but for the thousands of other members who participate in this forum.

2. Do not post profane or sexually explicit material - text, video, links or images as these are not tolerated and will be deleted or dealt with immediately. Bodywork Online is designed to support professional massage therapists, and discussions should reflect that level of professionalism.

3. Do not post copyrighted material without permission. This link provides some good, basic guidelines for whether your post will be legal or not. Copyrights and Wrongs - A Basic, Easy to Understand Guide to Copyrights by Mary E. Carter. In general - any excerpt over 100 words would be copyright violation. Please link the article or material and only quote/post the relevant portions on the forum.

4. Do not publicly post private emails, Private Messages (PMs), or posts from other message boards. If you receive a spam email or PM from a member of this group, please PM a moderator immediately rather than posting to the forums publicly. Members retain rights to their own PMs, but should not publicly post offensive material.

5. Posts that are considered to be spam (or duplicate posts) are not tolerated and will be deleted or dealt with immediately. Blatant solicitation is spamming - posting for the sole purpose of promoting your business will not be tolerated. Members are allowed to place links in their signature lines.

Violations of User Agreement and Posting Guidelines:
1. Any post that violates the user agreements or is found to be offensive to you should be brought to the attention of the moderators and site administrators immediately. Use the PM (private message) function and PM the Section Moderator responsible for the section where the negative situation has occurred, rather than posting your concerns publicly.

Should an objectionable Private Message (PM) be sent to you, please copy and send by PM to someone on the Administration team if you wish to have it officially dealt with. Otherwise, please just delete and ignore.

2. When a post is found to be in violation of the User Agreement, a moderator may lock the thread as a preventative, temporary measure while the situation is discussed and addressed by the Moderation Team. Once the violation in a thread has been addressed, the lock may be removed and discussion will then be able to continue. A warning to the entire thread may be posted. Should the thread in question continue to receive questionable posts, the Moderation and Administration Teams may decide to permanently lock the thread.

3. Whenever possible, the moderator or administrator will alert the member who violated the User Agreement via PM and ask for the inappropriate post to be edited. However, the Moderation and Administration Teams reserve the right to make edits if deemed necessary.

4. In the case of severe or gross violations, the Moderation Team of Bodywork Online reserves the right to immediately delete the offending material and remove the contents of the post.

5. In the case of an individual posting inappropriate content of any sort an alert will be issued, via private message, by the section moderator or a member of board Admin. Alerts may also be posted by the section moderator directly in the thread in question. This Alert is a warning - one strike if you will. Upon receipt of a third warning/strike/Alert the member in question will be temporarily banned for one week.

6. The moderation team of Bodywork Online reserves the right to immediately ban any member, bypassing the Alert system, when the conditions warrant this action. This will be used for continuous troublemakers, obvious spammers, and malicious trolls.

7. If member returns from a temporary ban and continues to violate the User Agreement, a temporary or permanent ban may be issued according to the discretion of the Moderation and Administrative Teams.
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