How to post a picture-part 2 (windows)

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How to post a picture-part 2 (windows)

Postby Masthera on Mon Sep 19, 2005 10:36 am

Okay, so elvis is sitting in your MASSAGE folder. Now what?

Hit this Baby right now:
You can also check out the tutorials page:
This is a great storage space. FREE!! You can even make a massage blog there:
"My Life and Times as a Massage Student"
and share pics of yourself passed out over a stack of books heh.

But back to Elvis...

1. Hit the "SIGN UP NOW!" button. (Its a red button, right above the log-in section.)

2. Think up a name and password, and wahoo, its all yours.

3. Follow the directions, and you'll get a page where you can load up your pictures.
It will say ALBUM: (Your Name)

4. At the top of that page is a shaded box that says “ADD PICTURES”

5. Click the "BROWSE" button…a box will come up that says “Choose file”

6. Look for your MASSAGE folder in there. Click on that.

7. In the blank area below will be "elvis.jpg"

Click on that. The name "elvis.jpg" will appear in the blank slot beside the words “File name: "

8. Now Click on the word “Open"

There will be an address in the blank space next to the word “Browse”…you won't be able to see it all, but you really don't have to....this tells Photobucket which picture you want, and where to find it on your computer.

9. Now hit “SUBMIT” And Ta-Da! First step to sharing your picture.
Elvis will appear in an area below the word "Pictures"
It will look smaller, but the picture that shows in your post will look the same size as it was when you saved it.

Photobucket does something cool. It gives you 3 addresses. The top one is pure URL. You can use the picture tab above your message box, highlight and hit "COPY" by right clicking, and then put this URL between the the IMG brackets...

Now try it in your message box...hit PREVIEW right here.
Elvis should appear in full glory!

Delete Elvis from Photobucket. There's a button right above the picture to do that. Then delete it from your Massage folder.
Now try a picture that you really want to share!
Clicking “REPLY” in the forum will bring up a box with the same tags as your messager.

Good Luck! :D
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