What is a MOD/ADMIN?

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What is a MOD/ADMIN?

Postby Masthera on Mon Oct 03, 2005 11:17 am

Moderators are usually members of a message board community who ofter to volunteer their time to serve as Moderators.

Administrators are also usually members who volunteer their time to run the board, deal with major/minor issues, and all other admin duties.

Moderators and Administrators are here to:

  • Help assist members with problems or complaints
  • Keep the sections organized
  • Help eliminate/ban trolls
  • Assist and possibly intervene with "Hot Topics" or when personal attacks erupt on the board.

"Mods" and "Admin" both have the abilites to

  • Sticky any thread
  • Lock any thread
  • Move any thread
  • Edit and/or split any thread

What "Admins" can do and see that others cannot:

  • Track IP's
  • Know who is where on the board -- including guests
  • Know who is visiting but has chosen to hide themselves
  • Configure the board to enable certain groups/people access to limited access areas.

Mods and Admin are not able to read anyone's PM's but their own.
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