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How to post

Postby Masthera on Fri Jul 01, 2005 9:06 am

NOTE:  Prior to making your post, please do a search on the subject to make sure that the topic hasn't been covered in length already.  If your search is not helpful or if you find a post that is similar but doesn't answer your question, feel free to post something new.

In order to start a discussion on a subject, you must first create a thread.  You can do this by clicking on the "start a new topic" button while in a specific forum.  In this next screen you will be able to compose a post by typing in the message space that is available.  You will need to write a subect line.  You can choose to change the message icon by clicking on the downward arrow and choose an icon. You can add smileys by clicking the desired smileys picture.   You can add a link to an existing thread, add a web site, add a picture, and quote others, using the tags. You can also use bold, italics, underline, change of font color and size by using the tags.
Once done composing your post, you can choose to be notified of replies.  Meaning you will be emailed if someone replies to this topic (as long as your email is listed in your profile). You can preview your post by clicking on preview and then make adjustments there.  You can reset your post by clicking reset.  Once ready click submit and your post will become a thread for others to reply to. If once you have posted, you decide you need to edit your post, you can click on the modify button found at the top right corner of your post.  Change what you need and click post when done.

Posting a reply
To reply to a post, you can click the post a reply button at the top or at the button of the thread.

Posting and you the interactive guide  :):
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