Logging in/out and Login problems

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Logging in/out and Login problems

Postby Masthera on Fri Jul 01, 2005 9:09 am

Logging In  
Once you have registered, or if you are returning to a site, you can login to the site. In the menu bar on the forum you will find an image/text that says "Login". If it says "Logout" you are already logged in. This can happen if you've already logged in before and chosen to have the forum remember who are you are. This places a cookie on your system. Once you choose "Login" you will be prompted for your user name and password. If the combination is correct you will be allowed to navigate the forum as a user, rather than a guest.

Logging Out  If you are done browsing the forum you may decide to logout. Perhaps you share a workstation with someone else, in this case you would want to log out of the forum upon leaving. When you are logged in you will see "Logout" in the forum menu, select this and the forum will log your user name out.
If your desired username is available, you will either be able to login or you will receive an email with a temporary password - again this depends on what type of registration the administrator has set the forum to.

Forgot Password  If you're trying to login to the forum but you forget your password or have lost it, you can reset it.
On the login screen, next to the username field, it says "Forgot password?" Follow the instructions and you will back on in no time

Having trouble logging in?  
Some BB's have a higher security and denies access to those members who's internet providers use proxies.  In order to log in you will need to log in using internet explorer or similar type program.  Below is the explanation why.  
Explanation:  A proxy server is like a buffer between your computer and the information you want to gain from the internet.  The data you want comes to the proxy first and then to you.  Proxies help to ensure security, administrative control, and they act as a holding cache.
The holding cache stores files from all users and allows the server to increase the speed of a users connection by using the stored files instead of going out to retrieve them over and over.
Each computer has a IP address (internet protocal).  When using a proxy, the proxy will send out their own IP address (for security) to request the page the user wants.  When the desired page is received, it forwards it to the user.
What does this mean for you?
Because of the updated security you may run into problems.
If your internet provider (AOL, WebTV, ect) uses proxies, when you try to log in to BWOL (Bodywork Online) you can't be recognized due to the proxy sending out their IP address.  Therefore BWOL will not "see" you as a member and will allow you usage only as a guest.
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