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Profile Overview

Postby Masthera on Fri Jul 01, 2005 9:15 am

Profile Overview

phpbb allows you to fill out a profile which tells people about you.
You can have your name, age, instant messenger information, personal avatar, and more!

Editing Profile:  
To change your profile, click the "Profile" option in the forum menu.

Profile Options:

- User Name
This is your real or displayed name. This is what will be shown throughout the forum. Example: Masthera

- Email Address This must be valid to register, and things may be sent to this email address by the forum, such as topic notifications. It is also required if you ever wish to retreive a forgotton password. Example: [email protected]

- Password
Passwords have no restrictions, but it is recommended that you type at least 6 characters, using a combination of characters and numbers. Both password fields must be the same, simply as a check that you typed it correctly. Example: xd8bill

- Location
This is an optional field. You may type your current location or where you live in this field. It is displayed in your profile for other visitors to see.

-Website Title and URL
This is an optional field.  You may type your website address and it will be displayed in your profile.

This is an optional field.  You may type your instant messenger address for others to contact you with.  ICQ, AIM, MSN, and YIM are all listed.

-Personal Picture
This is an optional field.  You may choose a picture that is provided or you can upload a picture of your own.  The picture is displayed under your username. Otherwise known as an Avatar

-Hide Email
Check off on this option if you would like your email address to be hidden from others.

- Time Offset 
This is a + or - number to add or subtract to the current time showing on the forum. The forum's server may be in a different time zone than your computer.
Example: Forum time shows 13:28, but your time is 14:28. Time Offset would be +1  

- Signature
This is a brief message or list of urls's that you may type in. BBC code is allowed in your signature (Meaning you can add color/change font size/add smilies). Signatures are shown at the bottom of each of your posts.  Example: I love massage!  

Once you have edited your profile you need to click on Submit to save.
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