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How to use Tags

Postby Masthera on Fri Jul 01, 2005 9:24 am

What are tags and how can I use them?

phpbb allows the use of Bulletin Board Code in posts. phpbb is similar to HTML, but safe and standardized for bulletin board use.

Whenever you start a new thread, post a reply or do a PM, you will all have seen, and most have used,  the smileys at the top of the page.  Above these are a row of boxes with letters or words on them. These are the tags.
If you click on one, you'll see two sets of square brackets appear in the Message box.  Anything that you type between the two sets of brackets will appear as promised by the tag.
If you are dealing with text that is already there, you can highlight the section you want to change then click on the tag you want to use.

Quick Tip:
For all the tags - you can highlight and cut/copy the text you want in between the brackets, click the tag button once, paste your text, and click the tab button again to finish.

B  will enter  the code  [*b][*/b]  which stands for “Bold” (please ignore the astericks throughout this explanation...they are there so that the code is not entered and activated)
If you type any word or words, (or numbers) between those two sets of brackets, your text will appear the Message box as
[*b]Type anything you want here! [*/b]
and in your post when you hit “Preview” or “Reply” as:
Type anything you want here!

I will appear as [*i][*/i] in your Message box and italicize anything typed between the 2 sets of brackets.  
Like:  [*i]Any[*/i] word or words!(This is how it will look in your Message box)
Any word or words!  (This is how it will look in Preview or Post)  
You can use several of these at once, or in the same sentence:  

Are [*i]you[*/i] [*b]getting[*/b] it? (Message box)  
Are you getting it?  (Preview or Post)  

U   will appear as [*u][*/u] and do what is promised:  

This tag will underline whatever is typed between the two sets of brackets.

Quote will appear as: [*quote] (hit it a second time at the end of the quote [/*quote]
You can cut and paste any text into a quote

The easiest way is to highlight the text you want to quote and then hit the quote option.

If you quote from another posters post you will get their name posted along with all the text from their post. You can edit out any text that you don't want in your quote.

Like this
Masthera wrote: You can edit out any text that you don't want in your quote

You can also type the code in yourself and get a named quote for any quote you have cut and pasted. That should look like this: [*quote="Masthera"]Your quoted portion[/*quote] (leave out the astericks)

Code: For use when enter in code (not needed here)

List will appear as: [*list] (hit it a second time) [/*list]
You can use list to make an organized list of items.

    Massage cream

If you want to add bullets to your list simply make a [* ] (no space - space there to inactivate code). That will give you a

  • Massage cream
  • Sheets
  • Music
  • Table
  • Clients

Again you can type your list, highlight it, and then click on list.


List= is basically the same as list but it will allow you to use numbers or letters for your list. Just add 1 or a after the = [*list=1][*/list]. Then you will get:

  1. Massage cream
  2. Sheets
  3. Music
  4. Table
  5. Clients

  1. Massage cream
  2. Sheets
  3. Music
  4. Table
  5. Clients

Img will appear as [*img] (click on twice) [*/img] When posting a picture you will post the site address into these brackets.


If you have questions about posting a picture go to these links:

URL will appear as [*URL] (click on twice) [*/URL]

You will need this when posting links to other websites.
Insert the web address (cut and paste from your browser window) into the brackets and the address will become an active link.

If you want to just add a text link and not a full link you can do this:
[*url=web address you want to link too]Text you want to show[/*url]
You will get this: BWOL

Under the top tags row there are two pull down tabs that will allow you to change the color and size of your font. Just highlight what you want to change, click on what you want it to be and Voila!

Open your message center and practice!

As long as you are not hitting "Send Message" you will be able to see these tags working in "Preview"
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