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How to post a quote

Postby Masthera on Fri Jul 01, 2005 9:35 am

There are two different ways to post a quote.  The quote button is on the upper right corner of the post screen.
You can do it off of a members post if you are quoting them direct and in the same thread or you can cut/paste the text for a quote into the Yabbc tag for quote.
To quote directly off another members post you will need to be reading their post and click on the quote button.
You will be brought to a posting page and all the information that member had posted with be set between two [quote*] [quote*] brackets.  
Doing the quote this way also lists the members name and the date and time of their post.  If you only want to quote a portion of the post, delete the text that you don't want and make sure that the text you do want stays within the brackets.

If done right it will come up like this:
Your desired text for your quote will be in the middle and at the end of what you want quoted should be

You can only use this quote feature if you are going to post the information into the same thread. If you want to post other thread information you will need to use the quote function that is found in the tags in your posting screen. The tag you want is the Quote, forth one in from the left.
You will need to copy the portion that you would like to quote.  Go to your posting screen and then click on the quote icon.   If you hold your mouse pointer up to the icon without clicking the label you will see directions below as to how it will appear and you will know you are the right one. Click on that and you will see [*quote][*/quote] appear.  (The astericks will not be there, they are used to disable the function so you can see it here)
Once you have the bracketed quotes you will need to paste the text you would like in between the two middle brackets. [*quote] Like This [*/quote]
Like This

You can also hightlight the text first and then click on the quote button.

Once you have finished with your post, click on the preview option and you will be able to see your quote box/s before you post.
Post when ready.
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