How to save a thread

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How to save a thread

Postby Masthera on Fri Jul 01, 2005 9:36 am


Print the page:

1. Hit "File" on your Task Bar. Find "Print"

2. Choose either "All" or highlight just an area and hit "Selection"

To save to file:

I. MHT(for saving full content of page)
II. Text (for saving text portion)
III. Word (for saving text directly to MS Word)

1. Make a folder in My Documents…call it "Massage"

2. Open browser to the page you want to copy

3. Look on your Task bar for the first word : File

4. Open File…  Find “Save As” a box will appear with the title "Save Web Page"

5. Beneath that is a blank line that says before it: "Save in"
Hit the arrow at the end of that line, look for your folder "Massage" in "My Documents"

6. It should be empty.
Look below that big empty box for a line that says "File Name" before it.
It should have the title of the BWOL topic you wish to save.

7. Below that is another box with "Save as type" before it.

8. Hit the arrow at the end of this box for the choices

9. Chose:  "Web Archive, single file (*.mht)" so that it appears in that box

10. Click "Save" on the far right side

11. Voila! Open your "Massage" folder. Click on icon with the topic you chose, and you see the entire webpage thread in tact.

II. Text:  

1. Same directions as above until step "9"  

2. Choose "Text File (*.txt) instead of Archive  

3. Hit "Save"  Saving to text means smaller size file.

III. Word  
If you copy to Word, you are able to choose the order of what is saved, and be more selective about what you are saving.

1. Go the page you are interested in saving.  You can find "Edit" on your Task bar.  

2. Find "Select All" in the drop box. That will highlight all that you will be saving from that page.

3. Find "Edit" again, in the drop box hit "Copy"

4. Open Word
a. put your cursor where you want the information
b. find "Edit" in that Task bar for Word
c. find "Paste" hit it, and the text for the page you saved will magically appear (Sometimes pictures, and tables too if they were highlighted in the process)
At times it will seem easier to title your Word Document.Ex: "Treating Neck Pain" and just save the text you feel most useful to you. With Word you can also open the document any time and add to it.
C/P Being selective means you must know how to copy and paste isolated areas:  

1. Run your curser across the area you want. That should make a colored line over it.
You have just highlighted.
(There are ways to do that to multiple areas at once, but lets just stick to the basics now)
a. If you RIGHT click (index finger button) a little box will come up that says "Copy" That will save the highlighted information until you RIGHT click again somewhere,like Word, and hit "Paste" (make sure your cursor is set where you want that section of info to go on the page)

2. You can do the same by highlighting the area and pressing down the Ctrl key at the same time with the letter "C" to Copy, and the letter "V" to Paste.
3. You can also C/P by highlighting the area, going to "Edit" on your Task bar, hitting "Copy" and then hitting "Edit" again to find "Paste"
(Word has the same type of Task bar set up)
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