**What is expected of you as a member?**

Information on everything from posting to past topics that have been repeated multiple times.

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**What is expected of you as a member?**

Postby Masthera on Fri Jul 01, 2005 9:43 am

**What Is Expected Of You As A Member Of BWOL**

The Bodywork Online message board is an outstanding asset for massage and bodywork professionals. It is place to discuss professional situations, business issues, ethical concerns and so much more -- plus, it provides the opportunity to communicate with practitioners from around the world.

We ask that you please:

  • Be courteous. Respect others. Argue with the post, not the poster.
  • Do not post spam.
  • No violent, prejudicial language or personal attacks are tolerated in the forum.
  • Keep your posts understandable (easily readable)*
  • When possible please be helpful and add a link to an existing thread, article, or to a website. For those not sure how to post these items, please see How to post a link in the FAQ section
  • We encourage diversity. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
  • If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.
  • Though you may often get a prompt response when posting a topic or using the PM feature, there may be times when you will not. Be patient.
  • If you have a question, please do not “hijack” an existing thread; start a new one.
  • Do what the moderators and administrators ask.
  • Please do not post large cut/paste of other sites or sources without checking the sites/sources policies first.

*Posting suggestions
    - Consider spelling, grammar, capitalization (no all caps or lack of caps), punctuation and contractions (no Ill and Im)
    - Break your posts into paragraphs when possible
    - Respect copyrights
    - Post things in the correct forum
    - Keep your posts on topic
    - Use the search (someone may have already addressed your question)
    - Do not post anything illegal or pornographic. As well as no spam or multiple posts.
    - Use the edit button when correcting information in your post

*Are you new to the message board experience? Before you hit the post button, you may want to consider these topics, which might help you make the best out of the message board.
    - Have you re-read your posts?
    Many times you will find small errors when you re-read your posts.
    - Are you contributing?
    If you are posting a question, did you provide information for us to help you?
    If you are posting a response, do you add something else to the discussion?
    - If you are posting a question, has it already been answered?
    Try using the search feature to save your fellow members some time. Also try checking "sticky" topics and maybe even give Google a try. If you find the answer on google, it may be worth it to locate a thread that asks the same question you wondered - and post the answer.
    - Will this post offend somebody?
    If it might, consider before posting it. Offendable posts can be anything from insults and flaming to profanity and graphic or explicit posts.
    - Is this in the correct forum?
    We have multiple forums for a reason - they organize the discussion.
    - Is this in the correct topic?
    Is what you are posting in the current line of discussion?
    - Have you posted this elsewhere today?
    Posting an unneeded amount of posts at one time is not looked on in a favorable light. Do not post more than is necessary.

Public Warnings
As a member, you may be notified of a problem by way of a formal / official warning via public announcement, moderatorial post, an edit in your post (Client Area & trolls are the usual situations) or in the worst case - banning. Inappropriate posts or photos, are subject to immediate edit. Trolls, in particular, will be the recipients of a banned "user name" and IP address.

Any problems or concerns should be addressed through PM. We, as staff, are not perfect, so we can understand a polite question regarding a measurement we took. But, questioning of the actions of your moderating/administration team or negative/disrespectful comments on the public forums are not acceptable. This sort of disruption only harms the community.

Please look though the FAQ section. It is filled with great information to make your posting here an enjoyable one for all. If you have any questions, please send a PM to either a Moderator or an Administrator.

Thank you for coming to Bodywork Online. Happy Posting!
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