How to report a post

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How to report a post

Postby Masthera on Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:39 am

Go to where any offending post is and then move your cursor anywhere up in the address line on your computer screen (way up top) and click once on that address.

This will highlight it.

Then go up to "Edit" at the very top and click and the drop down menu will show a choice saying "copy" (or you can right click with a 2 button mouse, which highlights the address and shows you the copy choice at the same time), click on copy and you have now saved a copy of that address on your clipboard.
You can then click on the moderators or administative PM icon to bring up their profile and send them a Private Message.

In the body of the message say something like "I have found an offending post and wish to alert you.  Here's where it is located:(at this point go up to "Edit" again or right click, and then click on "paste".)

The offending address will show up so that the moderator or administrative member can go straight to it and deal with it.
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