How to Cut/Copy and Paste

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How to Cut/Copy and Paste

Postby Masthera on Sun Jul 17, 2005 6:46 am

You can use “CUT” to edit out portions of what you are writing.

Highlight the area, and RIGHT CLICK. A little box will come up with the choice to “CUT”.  That area will vanish.

But not completely!

If you want to save what you’ve written, but insert it in another page, or paragraph, you can take your cursor to where you want the text to be, RIGHT CLICK, and choose “PASTE”.
The text you cut will appear right there.

Other Options:

1. You can do the same by highlighting the area and pressing down the Ctrl key at the same time with the letter "X" to Cut, and the letter "V" to Paste.

2. You can also “Cut and Paste” by highlighting the area, going to "Edit" on your Task bar, hitting "CUT" and then hitting "Edit" again to find "Paste".  In both cases, make sure the flashing cursor line that indicates where the next letter will appear is on the area you wish the “CUT” text to go.

To save multiple areas in succession:

1.  Highlight the first word of what you wish to save.

2.  Press down the “SHIFT” key.

3.  Holding that down, highlight the last word of what you wish to save.

4.  Everything in between should be highlighted.

5.  Keep your cursor on that highlighted field, and right click your mouse.

6.  A little box should appear on your screen with “CUT” as one of the selections. Click on that.

7.  Set your cursor where you wish the text to go, RIGHT click and chose “PASTE”.

To save parts of lists:

1.  Highlight the first item you wish to save in another area.

2.  Press down the “CTRL” key.

3.  Hold it down, while you continue to highlight only the items you wish to move.

4.  Everything you want should be highlighted, the rest will not be.

5.  RIGHT click, and chose “CUT” from the little box that appears.

6.  Set your cursor where you wish your chosen items to go. RIGHT click and choose “Paste”
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