How to post an avatar (picture by your screenname)

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How to post an avatar (picture by your screenname)

Postby Masthera on Thu Aug 04, 2005 11:55 am

BWOL has installed an EasyMod which is configured to allow avatars 115x115 in size. Please note that hosted avatars are shrunk automatically.

Any animated avatars need to be a very subtle movement, again nothing too distracting. If your avatar is found to push out the screen or be distracting, you may be asked to modify it.

Here's a link to resize your picture on-line for free:
Keep to jpgs or gifs. BMPs take up too much bandwidth.

Got one you like? Upload it to PhotoBucket or any server account that is going to give you a URL that you can access directly.(Remember what that is? It tells the Board where to look for your picture. It starts with "http://")
Highlight that URL and copy it.

Now: There's a link to Your Profile at the top of the page, click that.
Now scroll down to where it says "Avatar Control Panel."
You can choose from 2 options:
    Link to offsite avatar

    Select avatar from gallery

For me the easiest is to take a photo I like (one of my own), go to the site listed above and resize it to 80x80, save that to your computer and go to photobucket. Upload your resized photo and then link the URL address to your profile. For that you have to link to an offsite avatar.
Watch out for directly linking (linking the pic right from a site you see it on), a lot of sites don't allow it.

Once done, open another browser. Check a recent post of yours.  
What do you think? Do you like?  

If you want to give it another "go": Delete the stored picture, upload a new one and catch the URL for the new choice. Follow the directions as above. Try, try, again until it looks right to you.

Have fun! Once you have it successfully up, if on any day, you see a little box with a red "x" in it, there instead, might be the storage site it is in is down.  That's usually temporary. Another reason for a red "x" is if it came along from the old board. You will need to go into your profile and delete the image to remove the "x".  

Good Luck!
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