How to become a member

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How to become a member

Post by Masthera » Sat Aug 13, 2005 7:42 am

Glad you have chosen to join us!   :D

1. Look for the word Register at the top of the page.  (There is also a little icon below the heading that says “Register.”)
Or you can use this link: ... e85a998974

2. Below that is an important read. It describes the purpose and legal position of this forum. Please read it carefully, in its entirety. If the conditions of membership seem reasonable to you, then check “I AGREE.”

3. You will then be taken to the registration information screen. Username is the name you will be known by. You can use your name, or a “handle”. Its up to you.  

4. Below that will be a blank asking for an email address. Please supply one. There is box asking if you wish to hide email from the public? Leave it checked if you do. You will also be asked for your password (for you to login with) and then their are additional items that are optional for you to fill out.  

5. Below that is a box that says “submit”. Hit that to go to the next stage.

6. You will be taken to the Thank You screen. You are now able to login as a member!  

7. You will be sent a welcome email with your account information. Do not forget your username and password.

8. Use your chosen name and the password sent you to log in. If you need to make changes to your account, you can do so by going to the profile option at the top of the BWO main screen. You may supply as much information as you wish, and change your password if you would like to. You may even supply a personal picture, or a favorite icon. If you need help, there is lots of good information in FAQ's.  

You are a member now! Congratulations, and welcome!
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