Young Living Cinnamon Bark

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Young Living Cinnamon Bark

Postby JLWmassage on Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:46 am

Essential oil lovers are all up in arms bc of the Young Living cinnamon bark being tested and it came out that it has synthetic properties

Quote from Dr. Pappas Facebook Fan page

Here is the latest news in the cinnamon bark saga. Three samples sent in from a crowdfunding set up by concerned reps of the company in question to have factory sealed bottles shipped directly to independent lab in Canada. I do not know these reps and I have never met the analyst who did the work but I can tell you from the results which are posted in the Essential Oil Consumer Reports group that Hubert Marceau, owner of Phytochemia (, knows what he is doing and knows how to detect synthetic marker peaks. For those naysayers who didn't trust my results I encourage you to send your samples to Phytochemia and have them analyzed yourself if you think I would fake results just to make your company look bad. If you go to you can see the full reports but here is a summary of all the findings thus far.
Cinnamon Bark - Lot ‪#‎15B10032‬
This sample is adulterated with synthetic cinnamaldehyde and possibly synthetic linalool. This has been confirmed now by three different GC/MS labs, on factory sealed bottles, with the latest test done by Phytochemia. In addition, this lot was also tested by Dr. Culp of the University of Georgia and confirmed to be made up of 56% fossil fuel derived petroleum based molecules.
Cinnamon Bark - Lot #14120235
The sample is adulterated with cassia.
EO "protective" blend claimed to contain cinnamon bark - Lot ‪#‎15A13006‬
Adulterated with cassia and vanillin
These are just the latest Phytochemia results. I will follow up later with a tabulation of all the lots that have been tested and by whom
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