Brand New From Illinois

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Brand New From Illinois

Post by looking4help2012 » Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:32 pm

Hello everyone!! I am brand new to the forums, as I came across them while researching Bi-Polar Disorder and treatment options. I am still in the process of being evaluated for this; but I am pretty sure that I am indeed Bi-polar. I hope I am not out of line in asking for any suggestions into Massage as a treatment option. I have read a couple postings about "tickling feet therapy" within the boards, but I am not sure if that could help me as well. Because while I do admit to being quite ticklish myself, I am not quite as ticklish on my feet. Thank you in advance for any suggestions and replies.

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Re: Brand New From Illinois

Post by crarant » Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:19 pm

I am still a massage student at this point, and I don't know about any specific modalities for bi polar, but I have bi polar too and since I have started recieving regular bodywork my bi polar symptoms are better. Not gone, but better. That's just anecdotal I guess, but I think any kind of massage might be beneficial at least a little bit.

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Re: Brand New From Illinois

Post by riversinger » Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:34 pm

If you've sought out treatment for bi-polar disorder & been given prescription medication for it, then by all means stay on those meds. As massage therapists we do not diagnose or treat this particular condition. That said it may be possible to positively affect a more balanced state to have massage therapy in addition to what you're already doing.

If you research bi-polar there is some evidence that dietary changes & supplements can help this condition. Though the information I've turned up so far doesn't get into all of it, I'm thinking avoiding most processed foods, along with the artificial food coloring & flavorings would be a good start in the right direction, along with getting food containing Omega 3s. It might also be helpful to avoid GMOs, along with corn, wheat & dairy to see if that helps. Hopefully you can find someone who can help you figure out the best nutritional approach for you, to see if changing the diet would improve how you feel.

I've included this link from the Mayo Clinic which suggests "alternative therapies" that can serve as as an adjunct to your medications, which does include massage. ... e-medicine
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